93rd Congress (1973-1975)

President: Richard M. Nixon (R-CA) /

Gerald Ford (R-MI)

House Majority Party: Democrat

House Majority Seats: 243 out of 435

House Speaker: Rep. Carl Albert (D-OK)


Vice President: Spiro Agnew (R-MD) /

Gerald Ford (R-MI) / (none)

Senate Majority Party: Democrat 

Senate Majority Seats: 56 out of 100

Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Mike Mansfield (D-MT)

"The Senator made a good case. I must say I never heard a better case made for such a weak case than the one the Senator made." - Senator Russell Long (D-LA) (above), "complimenting" Senator Edmund Muskie (D-ME).


Prohibition on Funds for U.S. Combat Activities in Southeast Asia

Debt Limit Extension of 1973, Part 1

Social Security Increase 5.9 Percent

Agriculture and Consumer Protection Act of 1973

Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1973

Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Department of Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1973

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of 1973

War Powers Resolution

Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act

Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973

Debt Limit Extension of 1973, Part 2

Foreign Assistance Act of 1973

District of Columbia Home Rule Act

Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973

Endangered Species Act of 1973

Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973

Social Security Benefits Increase

Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973

Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1974

Federal Energy Administration Act of 1974


Enactments (cont):

Disaster Relief Act of 1974

Debt Limit Extension of 1974

Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974

Legal Services Corporation Act of 1974

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Housing and Community Development Act of 1974

Employee Retirement Income Security Act 

Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1974

Energy Reorganization Act

Federal Election Campaign Act Amendments of 1974

Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1974

National Mass Transportation Assistance Act of 1974

Safe Drinking Water Act

Privacy Act of 1974

Federal Rules of Evidence Act

Trade Act of 1974

Speedy Trial Act

Hazardous Material Transportation Act

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act