85th Congress (1957-1959)

President: Dwight D. Eisenhower (R-KS)

House Majority Party: Democrat

House Majority Seats: 232 out of 435

House Speaker: Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-TX)


Vice President: Richard M. Nixon (R-CA)

Senate Majority Party: Democrat 

Senate Majority Seats: 49 out of 96

Senate Majority Leader: Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX)

Above: Judiciary Committee Chairman, Rep. Emanuel Celler (D-NY)


Middle East Resolution

Labor, Health and Welfare Appropriations Act of 1957

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of 1957

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1957

Airways Modernization Act of 1958

Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act

Civil Rights Act of 1957

Advanced Research Projects Agency Created

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1958

Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Act

Corporate and Excise Tax Extension

Alaska Admitted to the Union

Small Business Act Amendments

National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958


Enactments (cont):

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of 1958

Department of Defense Reorganization

Transportation Act of 1958

Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1958

Small Business Investment Act

Federal Aviation Act

Former Presidents Act

Creation of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization

The Agricultural Act of 1958

Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act

Social Security Amendments of 1958

National Defense Education Act of 1958

Food Additives Amendment