78th Congress (1943-1945)

President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-NY)

House Majority Party: Democrat

House Majority Seats: 222 out of 435

House Speaker: Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-TX)




Vice President: Henry Wallace (D-IA)

Senate Majority Party: Democrat 

Senate Majority Seats: 57 out of 96

Senate Majority Floor Leader: Sen. Alben Barkley (D-KY)


"Mr. President, I congratulate the Vice President on the fact that he has an opportunity to break a tie vote, and that having had the opportunity he voted wrong." -- Senator Walter George (D-GA)


First Defense Extension Act

Female Military Physicians Act

Farm Labor Supply Act

Current Tax Payment Act

War Labor Disputes

Legislative and Judicial Branch Appropriations Act of 1943

Women's Army Corps

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1943

Labor Appropriations Act

Public Health Service

Chinese Exclusion Repeal

Revenue Act 1943


Enactments (cont):

UN Forerunner

Soldier Vote Act

Second Defense Extension Act

Individual Income Tax

Servicemen's Readjustment Act

War Agencies Appropriations Act

War Contract Settlement Act

Surplus Property Act

War Mobilization and Reconversion Act

Increase Congressional Staff

Federal Aid Roads