73rd Congress (1933-1934)

President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D-NY)

House Majority Party: Democrat

House Majority Seats: 313 out of 435

House Speaker: Rep. Henry Thomas Rainey (D-IL)



Vice President: John Nance Garner (D-TX)

Senate Majority Party: Democrat 

Senate Majority Seats: 60 out of 96

Senate Majority Floor Leader: Sen. Joseph T. Robinson (D-AR)

[Replying to a member complaining about the usage of a closed rule]

"The gentleman has been here a long time. The gentleman knows how the game is played here in the House of Representatives." - Rules Committee Chair, Rep. William Bankhead (D-AL) (above)


Emergency Banking

Economy Act

Low Alcohol Beer

Civilian Conservation Corps

Agriculture Adjustment Act

Federal Emergency Relief


Securities Act

National Employment System Act

Home Owners Loan Act

Banking Act


Emergency Railroad Transport

Farm Credit Act

Gold Reserve Act

Federal Farm Mortgage Corp

Federal Emergency Relief Act Supplementary Appropriation

Tydings - McDuffie Philippines Independence Act

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1934

Naval Parity Act

Independent Offices Appropriation Act

Agricultural Adjustment Act Revision

Cotton Marketing


Enactments (cont):

Home Owners' Loan Corporation Bond Guarantee Act

Sugar Commodity Act

Revenue Act 1934

Crime Control Acts

Communication Monitoring Act

Kidnapped Persons Act

Interstate Prosecution Act

Federal Penal Corrections Act

Federal Reserve System Adjustment Act

Legislative Branch Appropriations Act of 1934


Trade Agreements Act

Indian Reorganization Act

Communications Act

Silver Purchasing Act

Railway Labor Amendment Act

Federal Credit Union Act

The National Firearms Act (NFA)

National Housing Act

Grazing Act

Tobacco Adjustment Act

Uniform Bankruptcy Amendment Act

Uniform Value Act