66th Congress (1919-1921)

President: Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ)

House Majority Party: Republican

House Majority Seats: 240 out of 435

House Speaker: Rep. Frederick Gillett (R-MA)



Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall (D-IN)

Senate Majority Party: Republican 

Senate Majority Seats: 49 out of 96

Senate Majority Floor Leader: Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge (R-MA)

"Mr. President, I entirely understand the feeling of the Senator from Mississippi [Mr. WILLIAMS] that he desires to get back to the schedule. I always have that feeling myself after I have spoke two or three times in a debate that the whole debate should cease." Senate Majority Floor Leader Henry Cabot Lodge (R-MA) (above).


Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1919

Food Control Act Amendments

National Prohibition Act

War Risk Insurance Act Amendment

Federal Reserve Act Amendments

Sugar Control Bill

Mineral Leading Act

Transportation Act of 1920

Civil Service Retirement Act


Enactments (cont):

Legislative, Executive and Judicial Appropriations Act of 1920

Army Act of 1920

Jones Merchant Marine Act

Federal Water Power Act

Legislative, Executive and Judicial Appropriations Act of 1921

Hospitals for Former Soldiers

War Finance Corporation Resolution

19th Amendment

Emergency Tariff Act of 1921