60th Congress (1907-1909)



Employer's Liability Act of 1908

Indian Department Appropriations

Navy Appropriations Bill

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1908

DC Child Labor Law

Currency Bill (Aldrich-Vreeland)

Workman's Comp Act of 1908

Opium Exclusion Act of 1909

Enlarged Homestead Act

Correcting Records of NCO's

Legislative, Executive and Judicial Appropriations Act of 1909

Agriculture Appropriations Act of 1909

Copyright Act

Criminal Code Revision of 1909

Above: Senator Nelson Aldrich (R-RI), sponsor of the Aldrich-Vreeland Currency Act.

60th Congress (1907-1909)

President: Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)

House Majority Party: Republican

House Majority Seats: 223 out of 391

House Speaker: Rep. Joseph Gurney Cannon (R-IL)



Vice President: Charles Fairbanks (R-IN)

Senate Majority Party: Republican 

Senate Majority Seats: 61 out of 92

Senate Majority Leader: (none)