56th Congress (1899-1901)

Important Enactments:


Civil Code for Alaska

Gold Standard Act (Currency)

Puerto Rico Assistance Act

Foraker Act

Hawaiian Organic Act

Lacey Act

Cuban Extradition Act

Naval Appropriations Act of 1900

Military Efficiency Act

Army Appropriations Act

War Revenue Act of 1901

National Bureau of Standards Created

Above: Senator Joseph Foraker (R-OH), author of the Foraker Act, which established civil government for Puerto Rico.

56th Congress (1899-1901)

President: William McKinley (R-OH)


Vice President: Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)


House Majority Party: Republican

House Majority Seats: 187 out of 357

House Speaker: Rep. David B. Henderson (R-IA)


Senate Majority Party: Republican 

Senate Majority Seats: 53 out of 90

Senate Majority Leader: (none)